2022 World Beer Championships—Winners Announced! - Beverage Testing Institute

2022 World Beer Championships—Winners Announced!

The 2022 re-boot of The World Beer Championships saw hundreds of submissions from talented brewers from all over the United States, Australia, England, Finland, Singapore, China, and Canada this year. Since 1994, Beverage Testing Institute and its expert judges flexed their palates and experience in evaluating brews representing 125 different categories.

The reality of a brewery taproom as a community staple and refuge for nourishing and quenching its guests was the inspiration for our new People’s Choice Award. This year, in addition to evaluating breweries’ liquids, our new People’s Choice app gave each brewery an opportunity to include their brewpub family, friends and guests in voting for their own favorite beers via our voting QR codes placed in their establishments. We know that medals are just one way to recognize the quality and value of a brewery and their beers. The community that comes together and creates a space of warmth and welcome is the most important signifier of a great beer experience.

BTI is honored to be the organizer of this year’s 2022 World Beer Championships and is grateful to all the brewers and breweries that participated this year. Without further ado, raise your glasses to these incredible Champions!


2022 World Beer Championships Winners:

Platinum Medal Winners:

  • Fremont Brewing (WA) Head Full Of Dynomite Hazy IPA V.33. Platinum Medal – Best American Style IPA & Best of Show
  • Fremont Brewing (WA) Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Star Imperial Oatmeal Stout. Platinum Medal – Best Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout
  • Hop Haus Brewing Company (WI) Plaid Panther Scotch Ale. Platinum Medal – Best Scottish Style Ale
  • Fremont Brewing (WA) 2020 B-Bomb Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Winter Ale. Platinum Medal – Best Wood Aged Ale

Gold Medal Winners: 

  • Fremont Brewing (WA) 2021 Spice Wars Edition Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Oatmeal Stout. Gold Medal
  • Fremont Brewing (WA) Lush IPA. Gold Medal
  • Great Divide Brewing Co. (CO) Yeti Imperial Stout. Gold Medal – Best Imperial Stout
  • Pagosa Brewing Company (CO) Classic Czech Pilsner. Gold Medal – Best Pilsner
  • Pagosa Brewing Company (CO) Soaker’s Stout. Gold Medal – Best Export Stout
  • Tsingtao Brewing Co. (China) Alcohol-Free Lager. Gold Medal – Best Non-Alcoholic Beer
  • Lady Brett (GA) Blackberry Lambicus Ale. Gold Medal
  • Shortfuse Brewing (IL) Tropical Hurt Locker Fruited Sour Ale. Gold Medal – Best Sour Ale
  • Burleigh Brewing Co. (Australia) Japan Black Beer. Gold Medal – Best Black Beer
  • Elsewhere Brewing Company (GA) Zicke Zacke Octoberfest. Gold Medal – Best Marzen
  • Lift Bridge Beer Company (MN) Juice-Z New England Style IPA. Gold Medal – Best New England Style IPA
  • Ghostfish Brewing Company (WA) Ghostfish Kick Step Gluten Free IPA. Gold Medal – Best Gluten-Free Ale
  • Pagosa Brewing Company (CO) Great Pumpkin Specialty Ale. Gold Medal – Best Specialty Ale
  • El Segundo Brewing Co. (CA) Aileron Saison. Gold Medal – Best Saison
  • Whalers Brewing Company (RI) Rise American Style Pale Ale. Gold Medal – Best American Style Pale Ale
  • Great Central Brewing Company (IL) Weizenbock. Gold Medal – Best Weizen Bock
  • Great Central Brewing Company (IL) Dunkel Dark Lager. Gold Medal – Best Dark Lager
  • Laughing Dog Brewing (ID) Bulldog Brown English Style Ale. Gold Medal – Best English Style Brown Ale
  • Eight & Sand Beer Company (NJ) Somethin’ Pumpkin Spice Vanilla Cream Ale. Gold Medal – Best Herb Spice Beer
  • El Segundo Brewing Co. (CA) Station No. 1 American Style Red Ale. Gold Medal – Best American Style Brown Ale
  • Tsingtao Brewing Co. (China) English Style IPA. Gold Medal – Best English Style IPA
  • Holzlager Brewing Company (IL) Blueberry Hard Seltzer. Gold Medal – Best Hard Seltzer
  • Wallenpaupack Brewing Company (PA) Paupack Cream Ale. Gold Medal – Best Cream Ale
  • 4 By 4 Brewing Company (MO) Mexican Pale Lager. Gold Medal – Best Mexican Style Lager
  • Fremont Brewing (WA) Dark Star Imperial Oatmeal Stout. Gold Medal – Best Oatmeal Stout
  • El Segundo Brewing Co. (CA) Steve Austin’s Broken Skull American Style Lager. Gold Medal – Best American Style Lager
  • Tsingtao Brewing Co. (China) Amber Lager. Gold Medal – Best Amber Lager
  • Wallenpaupack Brewing Company (PA) Hawley Hefeweizen. Gold Medal – Best Hefeweizen

Silver Medal Winners:

  • Fremont Brewing (WA) Golden Pilsner. Silver Medal
  • El Segundo Brewing Co. (CA) Mayberry American Style IPA. Silver Medal
  • Fractal Brewing Project (AL) Guava Mango Fruited Sour. Silver Medal
  • 4 By 4 Brewing Company (MO) OZapft Is! Marzen. Silver Medal
  • Elmhurst Brewing Company (IL) The Schwartz Schwarzbier. Silver Medal
  • Wallenpaupack Brewing Company (PA) Black Diamond Schwarzbier. Silver Medal
  • Whalers Brewing Company (RI) Drift Cucumber-Lime Hard Seltzer 9% rs. $0/12 oz Silver Medal – World Beer Championships
  • Hop Haus Brewing Company (WI) Hashtag Hazy IPA. Silver Medal
  • Humble Sea Brewing Company (CA) Authentic DDH Munich Helles. Silver Medal – Best Munich Helles
  • El Segundo Brewing Co. (CA) Casa Azul Amber Lager. Silver Medal
  • Burleigh Brewing Co. (Australia) Sublime Mexican Pale Lager. Silver Medal
  • Fusion Brewing (KY) Sativa Gose Ale. Silver Medal – Best Gose
  • Lift Bridge Brewery (MN) The Warden Vanilla Milk Stout. Silver Medal – Best American Style Stout
  • Laughing Dog Brewing (ID) Dog House Doppelbock. Silver Medal – Best Doppelbock
  • The Guardian Brewing Co. (IN) The 765 Pale Lager. Silver Medal – Best Pale Lager
  • Great Divide Brewing Co. (CO) Wild Raspberry Amber Ale. Silver Medal – Best Fruit Beer
  • El Segundo Brewing Co. (CA) Hammerland DIPA. Silver Medal – Best Imperial IPA
  • Tsingtao Brewing Co. (China) Wheat Beer. Silver Medal – Best Wheat Ale
  • Tsingtao Brewing Co. (China) Tsingtao Rose Flavored Wheat Beer. Silver Medal – Best Flavored Wheat Beer
  • Crystal Lake Brewing (IL) Too Much Cologne Kolsch. Silver Medal – Best Kolsch
  • Laughing Dog Brewing (ID) Inland Empire Amber Ale. Silver Medal – Best Amber Ale
  • Eight & Sand Beer Company (NJ) Coffee Porter. Silver Medal – Best Specialty Porter
  • The Guardian Brewing Co. (IN) Neon Viking Cloudberry & Apricot Sour Ale. Silver Medal – Best Wild Ale
  • Port O’Pints Brewing Co. (CA) 11-Bravo English Style IPA. Silver Medal
  • Lift Bridge Brewery (MN) Farm Girl Belgian Style Golden Ale. Silver Medal – Best Belgian Style Golden Ale
  • Shortfuse Brewing (IL) Very Bad Kids Fruited Sour Ale. Silver Medal
  • Shortfuse Brewing (IL) Dark Gourd Pumpkin-Spiced Coffee Ale. Silver Medal – Best Flavored Ale
  • El Segundo Brewing Co. (CA) Old Jetty American Barleywine aged in Bourbon Barrels. Silver Medal – Best Barrel-Aged Ale
  • Burleigh Brewing Co. (Australia) Bighead No-Carb Reduced Calorie Lager. Silver Medal – Best Reduced Calorie Lager
  • Brewhouse And Kitchen (United Kingdom) Bambi Imperial Stout. Silver Medal
  • The Guardian Brewing Co. (IN) Five Dots Vanilla Porter. Silver Medal – Best Flavored Porter
  • Port O’Pints Brewing Co. (CA) Agate Ale. Silver Medal
  • Burleigh Brewing Co. (Australia) Fifteen Dusseldorf Dunkel Smoked Beer. Silver Medal – Best Smoked Beer
  • Church Street Brewing Company (IL) Bishop Bock. Silver Medal – Best Bock
  • Bangor Beer Company (ME) Catchphrase New England Pale Ale. Silver Medal
  • Great Central Brewing Company (IL) Hefeweizen. Silver Medal
  • Dokkaebier (CA) Milk Stout. Silver Medal – Best Sweet Stout
  • Mons (Canada) Blonde D’Abbaye. Silver Medal – Best Belgian Style Blonde Ale
  • Holzlager Brewing Company (IL) Hawaiian Hammer IPA. Silver Medal – Best Flavored IPA
  • Fireforge Crafted Beer (SC) Tampanian Devil Belgian-Style Tripel. Silver Medal – Best Tripel
  • Hop Haus Brewing Company (WI) Sweet Sunglasses Blonde Ale. Silver Medal – Best American Style Golden Ale
  • Penn Cove Brewing Co. (WA) Fireside Belgium Sour. Silver Medal – Best Belgian Style Strong Ale

Bronze Medal Winners:

  • Elsewhere Brewing Company (GA) Viridity American Style IPA. Bronze Medal
  • Humble Sea Brewing Company (CA) ReJoyce Solera Saison. Bronze Medal
  • Lift Bridge Brewery (MN) Getaway Pilsner. Bronze Medal
  • Elsewhere Brewing Company (GA) Gest Dark Lager. Bronze Medal
  • Great Divide Brewing Co. (CO) Hazy New England Style IPA. Bronze Medal
  • Great Central Brewing Company (IL) Helles Munich. Bronze Medal
  • Elmhurst Brewing Company (IL) Oktoberfest Marzen Lager. Bronze Medal
  • Brewhouse And Kitchen (United Kingdom) Staycation Tropical Double IPA. Bronze Medal
  • Eight & Sand Beer Company (NJ) Sand & Tide Lemon Gose. Bronze Medal
  • Dokkaebier (CA) Yuza Blonde Ale. Bronze Medal
  • Crossroads (Singapore) Signature American Style Pale Ale. Bronze Medal
  • Crystal Lake Brewing (IL) Club 400 Ballpark Cream Ale. Bronze Medal
  • Elsewhere Brewing Company (GA) Walha Saison. Bronze Medal

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